Sam Frost - B2B Digital Marketing Consultant

    Do you find digital marketing confusing? Perhaps even overwhelming?


    Are you unsure what (if anything) you're getting as a return for your business from the investment you make each month into digital marketing?


    Would you like to understand how to use digital more effectively to grow your business?


    If so, then you're in the right place.


    If you’re looking for a digital marketing consultant who can help you to “get more for less” from digital, and who can help you to make more sense from digital marketing, then I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your business.


    Book a free, no-obligation intro call, tell me a bit more about your business, and I’ll try my best to find ways to make digital marketing work better to achieve your business goals.


  • Not Sure If Your Current Digital Marketing Is Working And Delivering Results For Your Business?

     Here's How I Can Help:

    As an independent digital marketing consultant, I help founders, and in-house marketing teams in small-to-medium businesses to:


    Identify the "good, bad and ugly" when it comes to your current digital marketing activity. If you are unsure about whether your current digital marketing approach is working for your business, whether you are getting good value-for-money and results from existing supplier relationships, and you feel that it's time for independent analysis and recommendations to help you see through the digital fog and identify a pathway to better results, then I'm here to help.


    Discover opportunities to reduce wasted and misallocated digital marketing spend, and either bank that saving and add it to your bottom line, or redirect it to other, more beneficial activity that will help to generate more leads, revenue and profit for your business.


    In the overwhelming majority of digital marketing review projects I undertake, I help the business to identify cost savings and growth opportunities that vastly exceed my service fee. For example, on a recent project I helped a leading NZ manufacturer/distributor in the bathroomware industry to identify a single, simple change to their existing digital marketing activity that immediately yielded more than $30,000 in annual cost savings by with no detrimental impact on performance (representing first-year savings of more than 10 times my cost to undertake the project).


    Develop & align digital marketing strategy and activity to wider sales/marketing and business strategy, ensuring that you are using digital marketing in a manner that suits your business model and industry.


    Implement new strategy and tactical digital marketing activity in order to better reach your target customers, make them aware of your brand and offer, and generate better commercial outcomes.


    I act as a trusted, independent advisor and sounding board for all things digital marketing - and I am always in your corner, working hard to identify opportunities for your business to generate better results from digital.


    Book a free, no-obligation intro call to see if I can help your business to generate better digital marketing results and reduce wasted spend.

  • Book Your Free Intro Call

    Fill out the short form below to book a free, no-obligation intro call where you can talk me through your current digital marketing activity and challenges.


    If you are based in Christchurch NZ I am happy to travel to your office or another location. Otherwise we will arrange a time for a video call.

  • Other Contact Methods

    Don't like contact forms? Not a problem - you can get hold of me here:

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    0210 278 1721

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    Connect & message on Linkedin

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    26 Linden Grove Avenue, Hillmorton, Chch (Postal only - I don't conduct meetings at this address)

  • Client Testimonials & Feedback

    Here is a selection of feedback from clients. More testimonials are available on my LinkedIn profile and Google My Business listing.

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    Anthony Tucker

    "There are very few people I have dealt with in the last 20 years that have meet my expectations with regards to service, communication, meeting timelines and plain old common sense.


    Sam ticked all the boxes and then some."

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    Chris Hale

    "Sam has been helping me with everything web related since I opened my doors almost 2 years ago. I couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable, and timely website consultant. He has been the greatest asset in helping me grow my business, and helping us stay ahead of the game."

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    Dr David Kieser

    "Sam Frost has developed my business website (www.davidkieser.co.nz). He has been extremely professional, proficient and adept at establishing a highly integrated and user-friendly platform for patients and medical colleagues.


    I would highly recommend Sam as a website developer and software engineer."

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    Ben Church

    "Sam has helped me to tackle a number of problems with client's PPC, from auditing and reporting to implementing changes and setting up new accounts from scratch. They always help generate leads and Sam is timely and personable yet professional in his work and communication. We continue to work together and I am more than happy to recommend him."

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    Joseph Hicks

    "I would recommend Sam because of his honesty and his experience with online marketing. I'm optimistic that he can provide you with the expertise needed to expand your business. "

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    Eben Lingenfelder

    "Sam has created multiple AdWords campaigns for my clients saving me a boat load of time. To be honest, he did a better job than I would have anyway. I highly recommend working with Sam!"

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    Matt Collins

    "Recently, Agworld secured our .com domain. Sam was a key member of the team who migrated our large, localised site from many country-specific domains to the new domain. Sam's advice was critical to the success of this project. Not only did we make the transition successfully, we improved our search engine ranking and cleaned up our analytics in the process too. Sam has also audited our broader digital stack and provided some very actionable advice. Thanks Sam!"

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    Dave Sewell

    "Sam is a genius when it comes to the dark art that is social media, his knowledge and subsequent help especially on the LinkedIn platform has allowed me to better utilise my time and efforts. The results of which have allowed me to be more engaging on the platform, grow my connections by 40% in the last 11 months and create a far more professional profile. If you are struggling on LinkedIn reach out to Sam, you wont be disappointed!"

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    Evan Coster

    "Sam has been helping us with our Marketing for about the last 6 months. Within the first month of using Sam we had more than doubled our inbound enquiries and with that increased turn over immediately.


    We started off with a conservative budget but after seeing a substantial increase in less than a month decided to invest more with Sam and the result spoke for themselves.


    Sam was able to put our investments into the right places to gain us the desired outcome in a very short period of time.


    He was able to keep us informed on where our money was being allocated to and used information and language we could understand to make sure we knew what was happening.


    I would highly recommend Sam if you are after an all-round marketing campaign without costing the earth but can offer fast results for your business.


    Thanks for all your help Sam and I look forward to another successful year together."

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    Alex Hatzipanis

    "In a (digital) world filled with cowboys, Sam breaks through as the real deal. Not only extremely knowledgable on a wide range of digital marketing subjects, Sam is passionate about the discipline too.


    I always find him learning something new; constantly tinkering and tweaking his ideas in the field through his own projects and experiments.


    Through this he keeps ahead of the pack and remains the person I turn to to add value through digital marketing to our clients' businesses. I have no doubt Sam can add value to your business too."

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    Ash Collins

    "We engaged Sam to do an audit of our Web marketing - found Sam to be very easy to work with. His final report was extremely detailed and he went over and above to make suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

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    Carver Broomhall

    "Sam gave us excellent advice that cut to the core of what we needed from digital marketing. Advice that no other digital marketing guru has given. It was around focusing our digital spend on trade customers rather than the typical end-user, and ways on how we can do this. Thank you Sam, we will be back for more business in the future/"

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