2 Minute Marketing - Fixing Broken Conversion Actions

· 2 Minute Marketing

The following content is transcribed & edited from the video above:

Today's marketing problem we're solving is something insidious. It's something that can creep up on a business and actually really harm the results you get from your marketing efforts.

Have you ever been on a website and tried to take an action, like filling out the contact form, or progressing through a checkout process, only to find that whatever you were looking to do was broken and not working correctly, or not working the way you would expect it to work?

When this has happened to you in the past, did you hang around and try to fix the issue?

Did you let the webmaster or website owner for that particular site know did you tore them up or email them?

Probably not, you probably just tried it, it didn't work, and then you moved on and went to find another website that offers the same thing you were looking for.

The harsh truth is that broken conversion actions are truly harmful for your business. If someone comes to your site, and they look to do something like fill out the contact form, and that action doesn't work how they expected it work, then they are going to leave and they're going to go to your competitors and do business with them instead.

So what's the solution to this problem? How do we fix it?

Start by taking stock of the conversion actions you want visitors to complete when they come to your website.

Go through your site and make sure that pretty much anything you would want people to do anything you think has commercial value for your business.

Make a note of what that is write it down on a piece of paper, put it in a spreadsheet, that doesn't really matter.

Once you've taken stock of those conversion actions, make sure you've tested everything thoroughly. Make sure you test on multiple devices, multiple browsers, and leave no stone unturned in the testing process.

This might sound simple (even a bit silly) but it makes a big difference when done correctly.

One more quick tip is to set yourself a reminder to check in on your conversion actions on a frequent basis at least monthly. This way you aren't going to go too long with anything broken (if something has gone wrong)

By taking stock of your conversion actions on your website, making sure they work and fixing any of the broken you're basically making sure that you're getting the maximum value possible out of your website and that you're not letting your marketing efforts go to waste.

There is nothing worse than investing time and money into marketing only to have it fail at the final hurdle because your target customers can't do what you need them to do!

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