Can You Have A Facebook Pixel Without Ads?

The humble Facebook pixel is one of the most handy tools in your digital marketing arsenal if you plan on advertising on Facebook.

The few lines of code that make up your pixel allow you to build up remarketing lists, lookalike audiences, and better optimise your ads.

But can you have a Facebook pixel without ads?

I’ve been asked this question a few times by business owners who want to start gathering and collecting data on a Facebook pixel but who aren’t yet ready to actually run any advertising (either due to business stage or budget concerns).

The good news is that yes, you CAN have a Facebook pixel without ads running.

You need to create a Facebook ads account in order to be able to set up and install your Facebook pixel, but you don’t need to run any paid advertising in order to be able to use the pixel.

Therefore, even if you don’t think you’re going to do Facebook advertising for a while it is worth getting a Facebook pixel set up on your site so you can start building your audiences etc.

Here’s why a Facebook pixel is so important:

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on this website where I show you how to install your Facebook pixel.

But for now, if you’re wondering ‘can I have a Facebook pixel without ads’, the good news is that you CAN and you SHOULD!

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