How To Save Money On Google Ads

If a dollar coin falls out of your wallet, do you pick it up?

What about if dozens, hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars were falling out of your wallet each month?

I bet you’d find yourself a new wallet ... one that doesn’t leak money live a sieve.

But here’s an interesting fact - if you run Google Ads for your business, you may well be doing this (dropping good money on the ground) without even realising!

Pay close attention as I want to share how you can start saving money today - without any negative impact on performance ... in fact, your ROI should go up.

Many businesses I speak to who run their own Google Ads aren’t aware of the fact that the keywords you specify, and the searches that trigger your ads (made by Google users) aren’t the same thing.

When you first create your ads, Google will prompt you to add keywords. Let’s say you sell ‘blue widgets’ - you’ll probably add ‘blue widgets’ as a keyword. It makes sense, right?

However, due to the way that Google’s system of “match types” works, your ads might wind up showing for people searching for ‘free blue widgets’ or ‘jobs making blue widgets’.

These searches then result in irrelevant clicks from people who were never going to become customers (unless you’re a total wizard at convincing someone who wants a job to buy a product from you instead).

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So if you want to save money - cold hard cash - on your Google Ad costs and boost performance, then one of the best actions to take is being diligent in blocking irrelevant search terms.

Every person who makes an irrelevant search that triggers one of your ads (due to incorrect use of match types and negative keywords), and who then clicks your ads is costing you money.

Depending on your Cost Per Click (CPC) this could be costing you $1, $2, sometimes even more per WASTED click.

Even in modest Google Ads accounts with relatively low budgets, there is usually opportunity to save meaningful money each and every month (which can either go straight back in to your pocket or be reinvested into better performing keywords).

Start by running a review of the Search Terms report for your Google Ads account. I suggest going back over all time to start, but if that’s overwhelming then you might want to try a shorter timeframe.

Go through line by line and look for searches that have had impressions and clicks, but which have no commercial value for your business.

Block them by using negative keywords, or by changing your keyword match types.

Start saving money on your marketing today!