Parasite Pages For Quick SEO Wins


Okay, I get it. The name "parasite page" sounds a bit strange ... but hear me out as this can be a very effective strategy for dominating your niche (especially for lower competition keywords).

A parasite page is a page on someone else's website that you are able to create.

Many sites support "user generated content". And many of these sites also carry significant clout with Google.

We all know the basic goal of SEO - to rank your website at the top of Google for keyword(s) you want to target.

Parasite SEO is similar. Except the page you are trying to rank isn't on your own site. It's on someone else's site. Usually a big, high-authority site that has hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of pages.

And Google tends to rank the pages on these sites quickly, especially for lower competition keywords. In fact, they can often rank a lot better than your own site can.

My first ever "break" in digital marketing was using parasite pages to rank for long-tail keywords, and then selling eBooks via a call-to-action on each of the pages.

The ideal parasite SEO opportunity is a site that allows user generated content with minimal checking/review.

Examples Of Parasite Pages Include:

* YouTube and other video hosting sites, such as DailyMotion

* Slideshare

* Medium

* Quora (this is a QnA site but there are ways to use this to your advantage)

* Linkedin articles

* Tumblr

* Free website/blogging platforms, e.g. Strikingly, Blogspot etc.

* Google Sites

* Local web directories that allow significant content creation

* Social media profiles

* Press release sites

* Trademe listings (look at Trademe services ;) )

* The list goes on and on

Why Is Parasite SEO So Effective?

* You can get a new parasite indexed in Google very quickly, especially for low competition keywords (YouTube is a great example of this. I had a YouTube video ranking recently on 1st page of Google within 30 minutes of publishing).

* Most parasite platforms are free.

* If you've got a smart "flow" to your content creation, you can include the use of parasite pages as part of your standard process and supercharge the results you get from your content creation (e.g. create blog post, put on your site, take the best bits and use that to create multiple parasites all targeted to your main keyword and linking back to your blog post)

* You can throw lots of cheap/high-volume backlinks at a parasite page (e.g. Fiverr backlinks, which you should NEVER buy for your main site). Whereas this could kill your main site, it can result in a huge boost for a parasite page.

* It's easy to do.

* You can dominate a keyword with the right approach. You might be able to get to the stage where you have your own website and several parasite pages you control all taking up spots on the first page of Google.

If you'd like me to explain further on parasite SEO, leave a comment below and I'll make more lessons AND send you a full list of recommended parasite pages.

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