Review Your Marketing Software Costs & Save $$$

Now is probably a better time than ever to review the software tools you use for marketing (and other areas of the business too, but I have no expertise to comment there).

For example, are you using an email marketing/marketing automation platform that has all the bells and whistles, of which you use very few? A bit like buying a Ferrari only to drive it to the corner shop and back to get your milk each morning.

If so, now is the time to either:

A) Review HOW you use the tool and see if you can extract more value out of it (take the Ferrari from the corner shop to the race track).

B) See what alternatives are out there that will save you money, ideally with a similar feature set - or a feature set that is more aligned to what you actually use.

C) See if any discounts and savings are available on your current platform. For example, can you cut out dead wood on your database to push your contact count under the size at which a lower pricing tier kicks in?

Same goes with other types of marketing software in the business. For example, if you only do occasional keyword research for blog posts etc, would you maybe be better of relying on the free tier of a product like Answer The Public (and then paying a freelancer with access to all the "pro" tools on occasion to run searches for you).

Reach out on if you need any advice!

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