SEO Tip Of The Day - Get Your Site Security Sorted


It's no secret that everyone wants 'free' organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Enter SEO - perhaps one of the most complex forms of promotion/marketing ever to have come into fruition.

In today's post I want to share a simple, effective and important SEO tip.

Having your site set up for HTTPS is really important!

Without wanting to get technical, having correct HTTPS configuration on your site basically means that it is more secure for users, protecting their personal information and security.

Depending on the exact configuration, in the browser address bar of a site you'll see "https://" (instead of http) and you may also see a padlock symbol and green text.

Most people are now clued up to the fact that you should look for HTTPS before submitting any payment info, personal details etc on a website.

Google has also made it clear that they basically expect HTTPS as default, and it is now an SEO ranking factor.

Some browsers now place warnings on websites that attempt to collect data but which do not have HTTPS in place - it's safe to say that if someone sees this on your site, they are likely to be put off!

Even if your site is basically just a digital brochure and does not have a shopping cart, sign up forms etc, it is still 100% worth it to have HTTPS set up.

Long story short?

It is an absolute "no brainer" to ensure your site is set up on HTTPS for three reasons:

1) It can enhance your SEO, leading to better rankings

2) It will boost trust with your customers, making them confident in your site and potentially increasing conversions.

3) It is often not that difficult or expensive to implement. I believe it is 100% worth the investment.

As far as getting set up goes - I suggest talking to your existing web developer or hosting provider. Depending on who you use, the process and costs may vary.

Security is only going to become more important with developments such as GDPR and concerns around data usage (i.e. Facebook).

If you're after a quick SEO and user experience win and your site isn't on HTTPs, then get it sorted ASAP!

Any questions, please ask below.

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