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Simplicity + Persistence = Success

You don't need to do everything to see success with digital marketing.

In fact, "shiny object syndrome" can be to the detriment of your potential success.

What counts a lot more in many instances is sticking to the basics and then having diligence, persistence and patience.

This project I'm involved with is testament to the value of "staying the course" with your digital marketing. Have a look at this solid, steady growth:

Since day one we've focused on doing two things really well:

1) Finding the questions our readers have and answering them with clear, concise, accurate articles - and releasing new articles on a regular basis.

2) Building up a targeted community of enthusiasts on social media, who share our content and drive additional traffic.

There is nothing flashy, complex or unique here. Just consistency.

Set your strategy and then keep chipping away at it every week.

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