There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

So don't get yourself served up on a plate

You’ve heard the saying, ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch?’, right?

In fact, if you’re offered a free lunch, then chances are that YOU are on the menu (at least in a business context).

This is definitely true when it comes to Google Ads support reps, calling you up and offering free advice.

Now, don’t get me wrong, once you reach a certain level of spending you can “unlock” some good, higher-level support.

For example, at an old job we had a truly fantastic rep from Google, who was always looking out for us and doing great work. He was a legend and would add value to any account.

However, for the average SME that is “self-managing” Google Ads, you won’t be getting this level of support.

Instead, you’ll likely be getting a sales pitch dressed up as advice.

Here’s the catch … free ain’t free. YOU are the lunch in this situation, and you’re potentially being fed to the wolves.

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Having reviewed well over 100 Google Ads accounts in the past couple of years, I’m yet to see a SINGLE instance where the advice offered by this lower level support is any good.

I’m yet to take part in one of these free support calls where the advice was actually for the advertiser’s benefit, and not just Google trying to push a new feature on you, or do something else that will make them more $ at your expense. 

I’ve encountered more than a handful of businesses who - in good faith - have implemented Google’s supposedly expert recommendations only to find deteriorating performance or substantial increases in cost that weren’t necessarily well-understood before implementation.

I don’t want to say all “free Google advice” is bad. I’m sure there is some good being done (in fact please comment below if you’ve had a good experience as I think it's important to share this)

Realistically, these lower-level reps are salespeople trying to flog you more of Google’s product, but not being transparent about it. 

I’m 100% biased in saying this, but you are far better off paying an expert for some of their time to review your account and either make suggestions/recommendations or do the improvements on your behalf.

If you’re weighing up whether or not you should act on Google’s free advertising advice, then I recommend you engage an independent, paid professional instead (such as myself … shameless self-promotion I know - there are also plenty of other talented people who can do what I can do, and I'll recommend you someone else if you don't like the sound of me) 

I won’t give you a free lunch, but I won’t serve you up on a platter either!