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    Google Ads Management For B2B & Lead-Focused Businesses

    I help your business to generate more revenue from Google Ads advertising

    Google Ads (often referred to as its former name of 'Google AdWords') is one of the most popular digital advertising platforms in the world.


    Businesses of all types and sizes can generate more visibility, leads and sales by paying Google to appear in relevant search results for their target keywords.


    Considering that you only "pay per click" on your Google Ads, this platform offers immense opportunity for many businesses to generate more revenue with strong control over spend/budget.


    With over 10 years' experience in Google Ads advertising (and having managed millions of dollars in spend across multiple industries and countries) I can help your business to generate more revenue from Google Ads.


    In particular, I focus on Google Ads management for B2B businesses. What works for B2C businesses often doesn't work well for B2B when it comes to Google Ads; make sure you work with a specialist with expertise in B2B digital marketing.


    How I Can Help Your Business With Google Ads Management

    Here's how I can assist your business when it comes to generating better results with Google Ads:
    • Campaign strategy development - One of the secrets to getting the best possible performance from Google Ads is to have a solid strategy in place before setting up your campaigns. I can help you to devise an effective strategy, tailored to your industry, budget and objectives. 
    • Campaign set up, management and reporting - Once your strategy is in place, I can configure your Google Ads campaigns, and then manage, optimise and report on them on an ongoing basis. Whether you are just starting out and testing the waters with Google Ads, or if you have substantial spend, I can help your business to generate a better return on investment. 
    • Account "audits" - You might already be working with another Google Ads specialist or digital agency, and want a fresh set of eyes to look over your account and ensure that everything is set up as well as it can be to generate returns for your business. I can assist with a comprehensive Google Ads "audit" that identifies what is working and what needs improving when it comes to your existing activity.  I can also assist with any other advisory/consultancy services as required. 
    If you'd like my help with your Google Ads, then fill in the form below to get in touch (or email me on info@samfrost.co.nz or call +64 21 027 81721)


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