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    Get in front of more qualified buyers with targeted LinkedIn advertising

    Compared to Google Ads and Facebook Ads, LinkedIn's advertising platform is misunderstood and underutilised.


    Owing to its somewhat clunky interface, poor documentation and higher CPMs and CPCs, many businesses shy away from LinkedIn Ads.


    However, this is a big mistake - especially for B2B businesses.


    Many B2B organisations want to reach prospective buyers based on their company industry, size, job function/role etc.


    While some of this is possible with Facebook and Google Ads, LinkedIn provides a superior targeting system for digital advertising to professional/business prospects.


    For example, you can target people with specific job titles are specific companies, and build awareness and consideration while your prospects are "switched on" to a business-focused platform (as opposed to browsing Facebook at home and maybe not thinking of work).


    How I Can Help Your Business With LinkedIn Ads Management

    Here's how I can assist your business when it comes to generating better results with LinkedIn Ads:
    • LinkedIn Ads Strategy - Successful LinkedIn advertising starts with a solid strategy. I can help develop an effective, comprehensive LinkedIn strategy for your business and help to put that into action to provide the framework for success. 
    • Campaign Setup & Optimisation - I can set up, manage and optimise your LinkedIn Ads campaigns, reporting back on progress and keeping you informed of performance and opportunities to grow. 
    • Advisory Services - Got some LinkedIn ads already running but unsure if they are performing or could be improved? Working with an existing LinkedIn Ads specialist but wondering if you are getting value for money? I can provide independent insight into your LinkedIn advertising to determine how you can generate better performance. 
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