3 Ways To Improve The Professionalism Of Your Video Content

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business online.

If you’re in to stats, then you don’t have to look too hard on Google to find some amazing info about just how prevalent (and powerful) video has become - and it looks set to continue to grow.

When I talk to business owners about producing video for their marketing efforts - especially “DIY” informative, person-facing-the-camera videos - one of the most frequent comments I hear is that it is a struggle to create enticing, quality video content.

I’m not a video professional. There are people far more qualified than I to comment on how to do video creation.

However, if you want to quickly and efficiently elevate the professionalism of your video productions, then here are three ways to do so.

Note that I’m assuming you have a relatively recent smartphone with a decent camera.

  1. Invest in a tripod. The Blair Witch Project was a good movie (if you like horror films) but nobody wants to see “shaky cam”. A cheap smartphone tripod off Amazon will do the trick, and won’t cost you much at all. 
  2. Get an external microphone. A simple “lavalier” microphone like this one will massively improve the quality of the audio in your videos. Depending on your phone, you may need an adapter,  but both a relatively small investments. You could record audio separately using a standalone microphone, but you will then need to sync the audio back to the video, which probably isn’t worth the extra effort. 
  3. Improve your lighting. Good lighting makes a big difference to any video. Look up tutorials on YouTube on how to improve the lighting in videos, and consider investing in some basic lighting gear (even a simple ring light will help). 

For less than $100, you can massively enhance the professionalism of any “talking head” videos that you create for your business.

In fact, for most purposes, a smartphone + tripod + microphone setup with good lighting will give you everything you need (and then some).

You’ll have to spend quite a bit more and step up the complexity substantially to see big improvements beyond this.

You don’t need to create the next Hollywood blockbuster to make videos that communicate your value and help solve your audience’s problems.

However, ensuring you do have a decent level of professionalism also helps greatly.

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