Take Google's Advice With A Grain Of Salt

This is a grain of salt.

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You should use this when Google's "account specialists" call you (probably multiple times a day, even on public holidays, and sometimes even at unsociable hours) to try and help you out. Them helping you is code for you further lining Google's pockets.

There may be some validity in some of their suggestions, but by and large their goal is to benefit Google first and your business second.

If you're a business owner who keeps getting these calls, don't feel pressured into taking the suggested actions.

You are at liberty to question "why?". You are free to say "no".

Furthermore (and perhaps more importantly) don't let these machinations spoil a good relationship with your existing Google Ads agency/freelancer/employee.

Chances are they are doing a better job than whatever Google is going to suggest to you.

I know from experience that it is stressful for an agency or third party account manager to get a call or email from their client saying "Google has told us you're not doing a good job".

Remember that this is really Google trying to go behind your back and drive a wedge.

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