Ad Copy Testing - What It Is & Why It's Important

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If you want to improve the results your business gets from Google Ads (or any paid online advertising platform, for that matter) then it's important to consistently and diligently test new ad copies.

One of the biggest mistakes I see DIY advertisers make is creating an ad group in Google Ads that only contains one ad copy variant.

By testing different ad copy variants against each other, you are going to be able to gradually work out what messaging and call to action works best to attract your target customers.

Even minor changes/variations can yield substantial gains or losses in performance (your tests won't always bear fruit).

My recommendation is that you start by taking stock of all of your current ad groups - go through them and ensure that each one has at least two ad copy variants to test against each other.

There are different approaches to doing ad copy testing, and this quick article is aimed more at the beginner or DIY advertisers looking to improve what they are doing. If you're a seasoned pro, then you probably have your own strategies (feel free to comment them below).

As far as what you are testing, look at options like the following:

  • Call out different benefits of your product/service (e.g. 'save time' versus 'save money')
  • Call out different features ... but remember to focus on benefits first, and then reinforce with features!
  • Use synonyms or similar meaning sentences - sometimes a minor change in wording can have a significant impact.
  • Improve your calls-to-action ... don't be passive!
  • Using capital case/camel case (view my recent video on this here)

For more information, check out the video below:

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