Adwords Tip Of The Day - Remarketing For Search Ads

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Adwords Tip Of The Day - Search Remarketing For Better Results

This is a bit more of an advanced strategy, but it can work wonders so hear me out.

There is lots of talk these days about remarketing. You know, the ads that follow you all around the Internet.

You go on a website, and then for the next week all you see everywhere are ads for the product you viewed.

Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) basically just means showing ads to people who have already viewed your website. It can be more complex than that, but it's an easy way to get the concept.

Why would you want to show your ads to people who have viewed but not purchased?

Simple - it can take a number of "views" of a brand/offer before someone takes action.

However, beyond the banner ads that follow you around the Internet, there's another form of remarketing that gets overlooked.

Google Adwords offers search remarketing.

What this means is that you can:

* Tailor your advertising message for people who have already visited your site.

* Increase your bids so that you target them more aggressively, knowing they are more likely to convert.

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Let's imagine you have a business selling fridges.

Someone goes on Google and searches "best value fridges NZ" and clicks through to your site (either from organic Google listing or ads, it doesn't matter).

At this point, they can be added to your remarketing list for search ads.

Now, if/when they leave without buying and go to continue their search for a fridge, you can bid higher to increase the position of your ads.

You can even show a message that is tailored just to people who have already visited. Maybe a special offer or something like that.

Another strategy is to show your ads for keywords that would normally be to broad for a non-remarketing visitor.

For example, if I was selling fridges, I probably would be wary of bidding on "fridges". Why? Because it's hard to say if someone was looking for a new fridge, fridge info, fridge repairs etc.

However, someone who has already been on my site and who is searching "fridge"? I'd probably want to target them. And this can all be done with remarketing for search ads.

How do you set this up?

1. Ensure your website is tagged for remarketing (either using the Adwords tag OR importing via analytics)

2. Set up your list under "Audiences" in Adwords Shared Library.

3. Create a new search campaign (or select an existing one) and go to the Audiences tab.

4. Select +Targeting

5. Select "Interests & Remarketing"

6. Pick your site visitor list.

When you set this up you get two options:

1) Bid only

2) Target and bid

"Bid Only" for search remarketing means your ads will show to people on your list and off it but you can set different bids for people on your list.

"Target And Bid" means your ads will only show to members of your remarketing list.

Which option you pick depends on what you are trying to achieve.

The easiest way to start is just by boosting bids for people who have already visited your site.

Then move into the more advanced strategies, like showing different ad copy or different keywords.

This is a powerful strategy that can make a huge improvement to your performance.

As always, leave a comment below if you need any advice.


Sam Frost