Adwords Tip - Say No To Mobile App Ads

Do you like wasting money? No, I thought not.

· Adwords-PPC

If you run Google Adwords display campaigns for your business (e.g. remarketing) then pay attention to this handy little tip that will save you a lot of money.

When you run ads on Google's display network, by default your ads will also show on mobile apps (if you've ever seen ads in a free mobile app, then you'll know what they look like).

Mobile app ad clicks tend to be rubbish quality. Often it's people accidentally clicking, or kids playing games on their parents' devices who just click anything that pops up.

I've seen campaigns waste thousands of dollars on mobile app ad clicks that never delivered a single conversion or sale for the business.

So how do you stop this?


What you need to do is go into your placements settings for the campaign and add "" (no speech marks) as a negative placement.

This will stop your ads from showing on mobile apps, meaning fewer wasted clicks and big savings.

I've looked at plenty of supposedly expert-managed accounts that have overlooked this basic setting, so it's worth double-checking to get right.

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