Be Realistic In Your Marketing Resourcing

Be realistic in your marketing resourcing.

It's great to want to do it yourself (or utilise existing team members).

However, intentions don't translate into results - taking action and implementing does.

Be diligent in determining whether or not you can actually achieve by yourself what you set out to achieve.

Here's an example:

A while back I did some work with a business identifying areas of wasted digital advertising spend across a variety of channels.

I identified several thousands of dollars a month worth of opportunity ... spend that was currently being wasted that could either be saved or better deployed elsewhere.

This business was "tapped out" in terms of resource, but also insistent that they wanted to manage the implementation of my recommendations themselves.

Some time later, we caught up again and I did another review.

You don't have to be a clairvoyant to guess where the story ends:

Despite the best of intentions, they simply did not have the internal capacity to complete that work.

This meant all those months later the same waste was still occurring.

This business could have brought on any number of skilled experts to "tidy house", for far less cost than the wasted spend would amount to.

Being realistic is critical for marketing success.

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