Digital Marketing Tip Of The Day - Try Bing Ads

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Do you have an established Adwords search campaign that is ticking along nicely, and you want to find more pathways to growth for your business?

Who doesn't want to grow?!

One of the most overlooked strategies I know of (and which has proven very effective in most cases where I have helped implement it) is porting your Google Adwords search campaigns over to Bing Ads.

Bing is a competing search engine, owned by Microsoft. It currently accounts for around 10% market share (Microsoft claim much higher at 30%!, although that seems a bit unbelievable)

Bing search is the default if you search on the Microsoft Edge browser, and on other search apps in Windows.

You can also search directly (as you would with Google) on the Bing website.

Bing also offers an ads platform. It's almost a bit of a rip off of Adwords search, but it works well.

The best bit? You can easily import your Adwords campaigns into Bing Ads.

You create an account, and then use a basic import tool to get your campaigns, keywords etc from Adwords.

This means within the next 30 minutes you could be picking up extra impressions, clicks and traffic that you would have been missing out on.

Furthermore, because Bing Ads is less competitive, the CPCs (costs per click) are also lower.

There isn't anywhere near as much traffic available, but I have seen campaigns where the cost per conversion is much lower on Bing than on Adwords ... and this is new business that was being missed out on!

My recommendation is usually to start with 10-15% of your monthly Adwords budget as a Bing Ads budget.

Also, some of the targeting options aren't as good, so it does pay to frequently review the performance of your ads and ensure you aren't bidding on poorly-performing keywords.

Don't leave money on the table - go and check out Bing Ads today.

If you'd like help setting this up, please comment below.

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