Question Of The Day - Facebook Post Boosting For Max Audience Reach

A member of my digital marketing group for Kiwi businesses recently reached out and asked the following question:

"How do you work out how much to spend on Facebook business page ad boosting if the objective is to ensure that as many of your followers as possible receive it? Also is there any difference in the same ad spend spent over 1,7 or 14 day duration? "

My response to this is:

1) Ultimately it is a question of your budget - what can you afford to spend?

2) How big is your audience? The bigger the audience, the more budget you'll need to make a dent.

3) What are you promoting? For example, videos get better reach per $ so you can reach more people this way. Do a quick Google for "Facebook Ads carpet bombing" - this strategy uses video ads + targeted audiences to reach a lot of people.

My approach if I want to reach as many of my existing audience is to boost popular/viral content.

A lot of people make the mistake (at least in my opinion) of thinking they should boost posts that aren't doing well organically. There are situations when this is appropriate, but boosting an already popular post that is doing well organically can generate better leverage.

As far as duration goes, it also comes down to objectives. For example, I have a client who runs lots of events. In this case, I boost their event posts for about 7 days before the event.

My standard boosts these days are frequent $10 or less, with duration of 1 day. I will add more budget if it's performing well. I frequently boost to "people who like your page + their friends" as well. This seems to work best for me.

Reach out via message if you need any help!

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