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Don't Send People To Broken/Outdated Links

When running ads online (on any platform) check in periodically to ensure that your ads are still driving clicks to the right location on your site.

For example, I clicked a Facebook ad yesterday from a car dealer, which took me to a "no longer available" page (presumably the car in question had sold).

Depending on how often your site changes, this may be more or less likely to be an issue for your business, but is definitely something worth keeping on top of.

It is irritating for someone to click a link, only to be taken to a page that doesn't exist any more, or which displays content different to what you are expecting (I see this frequently with B2B businesses that have rolling 'promotions' pages that get updated from time to time for the latest promo).

Set yourself a calendar reminder to periodically check in on the links in your ads. Are they going to promotions or products that are still relevant, or do you need to update your ads?

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