Ensure Your Digital Promotions Are Up To Date

· Digital Marketing

If you run promotions (especially ongoing ones) that mention specific prices and/or promoitional periods, then make sure that when the "deal" changes that you update your ad copy. 

I've been getting some ads on Facebook for a fairly interesting looking digital product, clearly in some kind of funnel as I've gone from seeing full price to increasingly aggressive offers. 

The product was advertised as having a time limited offer on, for $37 down from $100. 

I clicked and added the product to the cart. It then came up as $80 down from $117, but the promotional text refers to getting the $37 deal (limited until end May 2020!) 

Long story short, I'm left confused about the actual price/deal on offer. 

Don't get caught out with this kind of mistake on your ads if you are displaying prices/specials!

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