How To Get More Leads From Content Marketing

By diversifying your formats and distribution

By now, most business owners I speak to are aware of the importance of creating informative, educational content that solves problems and answers questions for their target audience.

However, content is more than just words. There are actually loads of different formats and types of content you can create.

By taking one “message” and repurposing it in multiple formats, you are able to get more reach and increase the chances of the right people seeing/hearing/watching you.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Create video versions of your content and upload to YouTube & social media
  • Audio version (podcast perhaps - look at what @Andrew Nichol is doing with his property investment podcast for some good inspiration here)
  • Document version - perhaps simple branded slides turned into a PDF - and then uploaded to document sharing sites.
  • “Cliff note” version for social media with accompanying imagery. 

Remember that different people like to consume content in different formats. One man’s long form blog post is another man’s concise video, figuratively speaking.

Modifying and adapting your articles/blog posts to be distributed in multiple formats and channels also tends not to take that long. Often the hardest part is coming up with the idea and message - so why not maximise the depth of distribution and increase the performance and value you get?

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