Stuck For Content Ideas? Ask Your Sales Team

Are you stuck for content ideas?

One of the most common bits of feedback I get from business owners is that they struggle to come up with good content ideas for blogs, articles etc.

If so, then ask at the coal face.

In many businesses, there are these interesting people who seem to spend most of their time driving, collecting frequent flyer miles, or talking on the phone.

We call them “salespeople”. The salesperson is an incredible wealth of knowledge on the real issues, challenges and problems facing your customers.


Because they are the ones who are talking to the customers most frequently.

Therefore, if you need inspiration for content, lean on your sales team (rumour has it that plying them with coffee and food works well here) to provide you with a list of customer challenges that they are experiencing “at the coal face”.

Off the back of that you should be able to develop some great content ideas.

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