How To Get More Sales With Google Ads

Use these Google Ads tips to grow your business in 2020 and beyond

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Does your business use Google Ads?

Google’s ad platform is one of the most popular online advertising services in the world, and many businesses can benefit from using it.

However, Google Ads is easy to start with, but quite a challenge to set up and manage properly.

Relatively minor tweaks can often result in substantial gains (or losses) in performance.

I want to show you seven effective ways to get more sales from your Google Ads activity:

  1. Ensure you are using conversion tracking - and consider using conversion-optimised bidding. Google is pushing increasingly towards this. Basically, they use your conversion data to optimise the delivery and bidding of your ads to try and win more conversions. This is predicated on your having good conversion tracking set up. 
  2. Make use of negative keywords to prevent your ads showing on searches that aren’t relevant to your business or are unlikely to convert. Review your search terms report regularly to identify good candidates for removal. 
  3. Use all relevant ad extensions to make your ad more appealing - don’t just create the ad copy and leave it at that. Ad extensions take minimal effort for potentially substantial gain.
  4. Test different ad copies against each other. Relatively small changes in ad copy can often yield large gains in performance. I suggest at least 2x ad copies per ad group at all times. 
  5. Review device-based performance (mobile vs desktop vs tablet) and adjust bids accordingly. You might find that mobile gets a lot more traffic, but desktop actually converts better to sales. 
  6. Review your impression share metrics and determine whether budget or Ad Rank (or both) are causing you to miss out on potential impressions and clicks. For example, you might be losing little traffic to Ad Rank but substantial traffic because of a limited budget (or vice versa). 
  7. Optimise your post-click experience. Make sure you are driving clicks to good landing pages that load quickly and perform well on all devices. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Consider using a third-party landing page tool like Instapage or Unbounce if appropriate. 

If you need help implementing this, email for an initial consultation on your Google Ads.

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