New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

Make a positive change for your business!

The start of the new year means it’s time once again for those new year resolutions.

Hitting the gym, leaning an instrument, reading more books - the list of resolutions goes on and on.

There’s no reason you can’t have new year “marketing resolutions” either.

Now’s a better time than any to make positive change to the way you promote your business.

Start by going on a “diet” - look for opportunities to trim underperforming parts of your marketing spend so they can be redirected to better performing areas. For example, if you are running Google Ads, then now is a great time to review your account and assess what campaigns, keywords etc are pulling their weight, and what needs improvement or removal.

Read more - expand your knowledge of marketing. You don’t need to become an expert (if marketing isn’t your wheelhouse), but having a good understanding of the platforms and channels your business is using (whether managed in-house or by external suppliers) as well as overall marketing strategy will make it easier for you to make informed decisions in 2020 and beyond.

Change your worldview - Marketing isn’t just about blasting your message in front of your target audience (and often people who aren’t even in your target audience to boot). Immense potential lies in understanding the problems of your audience, and then demonstrating your knowledge and expertise by educating your audience on solutions to these problems. Use the trust and mindshare you gain to sell your products and services.

I want to help you get your New Year’s marketing resolutions sorted. Send me a message or email to book a strategy call to discuss how you can grow your business in 2020.

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