Revisit & Revise Old Content For Better Performance

One of the great things about content marketing is that it is a little like compound interest.

You can research a topic, create content, upload it to your website, YouTube etc and still be generating traffic and visibility from that same piece of work for potentially years to come.

However, times change. This salient fact means that your content may become outdated.

Best practices may change, recommendations may go out of date, links to external content may break … there are numerous reasons why your content may go “stale”.

Therefore, I encourage you to periodically revisit old content on your website - especially anything that your analytics logs indicate is still getting visibility.

Set aside some time once every so often to just check over your top performing older content and ensure that it is still “fit for purpose”.

Maybe you have new and better insights to share with your audience - so edit and update accordingly.

Perhaps there have been legal or regulatory changes that render your original content inaccurate; once again this is a great opportunity to modify and improve.

As we are in the deep end of New Year’s resolution territory, now is a better time than ever to do this.

Get out there and get revisiting and revising!

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