Save Money & Get More Reach On Your Content

Want to save money on your marketing and boost the value (and return) you get from your investment?

Start by looking at how you distribute and promote the content you create.

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is putting time and effort into content

creation, only for that content to sit on a blog - all in the hope that people will come along and read it.

With effective promotion and multi-channel distribution of your content, you’ll not only reach more people, but you’ll be able to see a greater return from your content marketing efforts.

You may also find that you are able to replace some paid advertising activity, resulting in reduced costs.

Here are just a few things you could do to maximise your content reach and effectiveness:

1. Start with a problem that people in your audience are wanting solved (or question they want answered). Use Answer The Public if you're unsure about what people are asking.

2. Create your content. I recommend doing video first as it can then be turned into other formats more easily. You don't need Hollywood blockbuster levels of production quality to do a great job.

3. Turn your video into text and audio (use to transcribe for free, and then spend a few minutes editing to improve quality).

4. Now you've got video, audio and text to distribute across the Internet.

5. Post your new article (with embedded video) on your website/blog, link it from your social media channels.

6. Email your list and let them know you have new content up.

7. Distribute your video and audio version on various platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Soundcloud etc.

Instead of just writing a blog post and putting it on your site, you now have multi-format content distributed across many platforms ... all for marginal extra cost and effort.

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