How To Tell If A Website Has A Facebook Pixel Installed

Have you ever gone on a website and left, only to start seeing that company's ads chasing you all around the Internet?

If you see these "remarketing" ads (read my article here on what remarketing is) on Facebook, then chances are you were hit with a Facebook pixel.

Perhaps you are curious about whether or not a website has a Facebook pixel running. Maybe you've installed your own and want to know how to tell if your Facebook pixel is working correctly?

In the following video, I show you exactly how to tell if a website has a Facebook pixel installed or not:

If you're unable to watch the video for any reason, here's a quick written guide:

  1. Go to the Chrome browser extension store and install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension
  2. Disable any ad blockers you are running
  3. Load up your website of choice
  4. The Pixel Helper will show whether or not a pixel is installed, and if there are any errors in the implementation. Just click on the Pixel Helper extension icon. 
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