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Stop Your Google Display Ads From Showing In Mobile Apps

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Did you know that there is one particular type of advertising that might be killing your performance on Google Ads, and costing you more money than you need to spend?

I'm talking about mobile app advertising on the display network.

In my experience, many Google Ads advertisers are not aware of the fact that their display ads are inadvertently running on mobile app placements.

As a rule, mobile app placements tend to perform poorly; you'll get a lot of clicks, but they are basically junk. There are lots of accidental clicks on mobile app ads.

The problem is you're paying for these clicks, even though they probably won't convert into sales.

This eats into your advertising budget for no return, messes up your tracking stats, and makes generating leads from your digital marketing more difficult.

Unfortunately, Google have recently taken steps to make it more difficult to block your ads from showing on mobile apps.

The good news is that you can still exclude your display ads from showing in mobile apps. This is achievable using the Google Ads editor.

Check out this short video I recorded that shows you how to stop your display ads from showing in mobile apps:

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