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SERP Robot Review

Is this the best value-for-money SERP checker?


If you're doing SEO of any kind (or you rely on any amount of organic traffic) then it's crucial to understand where your website ranks for the keywords that count in terms of driving traffic, lead and sale opportunities.

However, many business owners tend to make the mistake of checking keyword positioning (SERPs/Search Engine Ranking Positions) by Googling their keywords from their phone or computer.

This is not best practice due to how Google personalises search results.

Therefore, you need to use a proper SERP checking tool.

My recommendation is SERP Robot. Here's a video review of SERP Robot I produced for my website & YouTube channel:

If you're looking for an affordable, effective SERP tracker for monitoring how you are gaining (or maybe even losing) with SEO, then I strongly suggest you give SERP Robot a go.

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