Subverting Expectations For Marketing Success

Consumers these days are conditioned to expect an endless, unstoppable barrage of aggressive marketing messaging as soon as they provide a business with their personal information.

Remember last time you handed over your name and email address in exchange for a free report or guide ... what came next?

More likely than not, it would have been a series of aggressive emails, high frequency remarketing, and possibly even unwanted personal follow up.

Think about a social media platform like LinkedIn. What happened last time someone sent you a connection request and you then accepted it. Chances are they probably wound up pitching you some offer or 'strategy call' or something 5 seconds after you hit the accept button.

The sad part with all of this is that it causes potential customers to put up their defence mechanisms, meaning your marketing is less likely to be effective.

That's why I believe it is so important to subvert your potential customers' expectations. They expect to be hammered with aggressive email marketing after they download your whitepaper ... so flip the conversation on its head and go about things in a different manner.

In my latest video I discuss more about why subverting expectations is so effective:

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