Don't Over-Automate

We’ve all heard that saying “like a kid in a candy store”. When business owners first experience marketing automation, it can sometimes be like the proverbial kid in the candy store ... and the sugar-crazed kid has been given carte Blanche to buy whatever they want.

Most marketing automation platforms offer so many possibilities, so many features, so much “novelty” that it can be overwhelming.

The downside is that it this veritable cornucopia of marketing opportunities can lead to trying to do too much (and often not in the right fashion)

This isn’t me trying to be a Luddite (although sometimes the thought of taking a hammer to my computer does appeal greatly) - and perhaps technology will be so good one day that all forms of personal marketing/selling can be replaced, but I suspect that is a long way off.

Some of the more common mistakes I see are:

  • Convoluted automated email funnels that are prone to breaking or sending far too many messages to leads/customers (especially at the wrong stage in the sales cycle, such as sending a special offer after a lead has closed to a sale) 
  • Being too “stalkerish” with automated follow ups, e.g. triggering a ‘are you interested in X product’ email immediately after someone views a product on a page. This can be seriously off-putting to people. 
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