Tubics Review

Is This Platform A "Silver Bullet" For YouTube Channel Growth?

· Product Review

Video marketing is one of the biggest opportunities out there “in the wild” for businesses looking to grow online. In this Tubics review I’m going to dive into one of the most popular video marketing tools around and see if it can help you boost your performance on YouTube.

If you’re not doing video for your business, then you’re missing out - period.

There are so many opportunities available for businesses willing to dedicate time and energy to creating and promoting compelling video content.

Just take YouTube, for example.

Not only is YouTube the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube videos also rank well in Google (and can rank incredibly quickly too - I’ve seen Google pick up YouTube videos in less than an hour!).

Enormous brands (think PewDiePie etc) and huge fortunes have been built on YouTube ... I can’t think of any reason why your business should miss out on its own piece of the pie.

Creating a YouTube channel is one thing, but actually getting people to find and watch your videos is a whole different story.

That’s where the concept of ‘YouTube SEO’ comes in. Much like Google, YouTube has its own algorithm for determining what videos come up the top of search results, and also what videos appear in the recommendations section when you are watching videos (this is all predicated around Google/YouTube trying to retain your attention for as long as possible).

YouTube SEO is a bit different to regular SEO, so how do you know if you are doing a good job at it or not?

One strategy is to use a YouTube marketing tool like Tubics, and in this Tubics review I’m going to cover whether or not it’s the right tool for you to use to help grow your burgeoning video marketing strategy.

If you’d rather watch a video, then jump to the bottom of the page for my video review of Tubics (in this I drive you through the various features of the product, as well as pros and cons, using screen capture from me working Tubics live).

Let’s dive in to this Tubics review.

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What Is Tubics?

Fundamentally, Tubics is a YouTube channel and video optimisation application.

You set up your account, connect your YouTube channel, and then Tubics goes to work providing you with recommendations to improve the performance of your videos and channel.

There are a few components to the platform:

  1. The main focus is on the “video auditor” tool (that’s what I’m calling it). This is where Tubics analyses a video and then gives you suggestions on how to improve its ranking and view/engagement performance.
  2. You can track the rankings of your videos in YouTube search. Think of it as SERP tracking for video!
  3. There is a video topic suggestion tool, where you plug in a keyword and then Tubics will spit out suggested video ideas.
  4. There is a competition analysis tool, where you can compare how your channel stacks up to the competition. 

How Much Does Tubics Cost?

At time of writing, Tubics pricing is follows.

However. There are occasionally amazing deals on Tubics through AppSumo. It was through AppSumo that I first came across Tubics, early in 2019. They had managed to arrange a lifetime deal on Tubics for a crazy low price. Unfortunately I slept on that deal for a few reasons and missed out, but have kept checking back to see what is available.

For example, at the moment you can get the following Tubics discount on AppSumo:


What Are The Operating/System Requirements?

None, apart from an Internet connection. It’s a web/cloud-based tool. I haven’t tested if it works on mobile devices, but would strongly recommend that you just use it on a desktop/laptop computer anyway.

Pros Of Tubics

  • Very easy to use - Tubics strips all of the difficulty out of optimising your videos. You input a focus keyword (which also sets it up to be tracked with the in-built rank tracker) and then work your way through the “traffic light system” of recommendations, which automatically update as you make the requested tweaks to titles, descriptions, thumbnails etc. 
  • Seems effective - I make no claim to be a successful YouTuber. YouTube is very much something I am experimenting with, as I primarily create videos for LinkedIn (and then just upload them to YouTube as a secondary activity).  However, I have seen definite growth in views and subscribers since starting with Tubics, which is great to see. 
  • API driven and TOS compliant - Your YouTube account should be safe with Tubics. 

Cons Of Tubics

  • Poor value unless on special - This is my biggest issue with Tubics. The regular, day-to-day, no-AppSumo-or-other-discount pricing is simply too high for what you get in terms of connected channels, tracked keywords etc. At regular pricing I think it presents fairly poor value for money. 
  • Not enough keyword rank tracking slots - Related to the point above, I think that Tubics needs to be more generous with how many keywords you can track the rankings for. Let’s say you put out one video a week on a fresh YouTube channel. Within 6 months you would have basically exhausted your tracking slots! 
  • Video idea suggestion tool is poor - You only seem to get one page of suggestions, even when using very broad keywords. I would expect to see many Keyword and video topic suggestions unless you start with a niche “seed” phrase. 
  • Competition tool is slightly pointless - All it does is shows you how you compare to a competitor’s channel in terms of view, subscribe, and published video counts. I was hoping it would help me to identify strategic opportunities for creating better videos. 

Tubics Review

To wrap up this Tubics review, let’s go back over what I like and what I don’t like about the platform.

What I LOVE about Tubics is how easy it is to use, and the “gamification” built in. It’s addictive to try and get your videos showing all green, and it is just so simple and easy to use the video auditor tool on a day-to-day basis.

Although I haven’t been using Tubics for a particularly long time, I’ve also noticed a definite improvement in the performance of my YouTube channel and videos since I started optimising with the platform.

I don’t claim to be a particularly successful YouTuber (my videos are primarily made for my audience on LinkedIn) but you can see some definite growth here. I started using Tubics in early March.

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However, Tubics isn’t perfect.

The biggest issue is that it simply isn’t good enough value for money when you pay the “regular” price. The monthly cost is too high for what you get in terms of tracked keywords and number of connected channels (until you get to the higher tier plans where you can “amortise” the cost over multiple clients).

If you can get a good deal on Tubics through something like that AppSumo discount (either lifetime or annual, although clearly lifetime is the best) then I’d say it’s 100% worth having due to how simple and straightforward Tubics is to use, as well as the potential for growing your business through YouTube ... one successful video will easily pay back the cost.

At the regular price, it’s a bit too pricey from my perspective. However, grab that AppSumo discount while it’s available and I think you’d be crazy not to go for Tubics if you want to get the most out of your video marketing on YouTube.

Tubics is easy to use, effective and makes optimising your videos a breeze!

For more information (including a full video walkthrough of the platform) please watch my Tubics review video below: