What Do Marketing And Planes Have In Common?

One of my favourite parts of going on a plane is the take off.

Hearing the noise of the engines firing up on the runway, and then feeling the plane start to move off ... only to get faster and faster never gets old.

Marketing is somewhat similar.

You can start your "marketing engines" and the initial roll down the run way takes time to speed up.

That is to say there is a "ramp up" period where your marketing is making full noise but you aren't moving forward that much faster - it takes time to get up to speed.

Don't forget this when you are marketing your business.

You can't expect to spool up the engines and take off immediately - you're going to have to build up speed down the runway.

This means you need to start marketing early; don't wait until you have a dearth of leads/opportunities/sales ... there isn't a "light switch" you can turn on for faster results.

I've seen many businesses get themselves into trouble by waiting to long to start doing meaningful marketing.

By the time you need it, it is probably too late!

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