Is DIY Digital Marketing A Good Idea?

Mitre 10 (New Zealand's premier weekend destination if car park traffic volume is the measurement to go by) once proudly proclaimed that 'DIY is in our DNA'.

DIY of course goes beyond painting a fence or attempting to install a new shower.

For example, you could take inspiration from this image and try to make a DIY laptop from last night's pizza box.

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Marketing is not immune to our passion for DIY either.

While I see it done well in some instances, all too often the outcome is the marketing equivalent of this pitiful portable pizza box PC.

As a business owner, the most valuable thing you will often bring to the "marketing table" (besides your willingness and ability to invest) is your industry knowledge and expertise.

While it might sound appealing to try and do it yourself (and there is no doubt that many aspects of marketing, particularly digital, have become more DIY friendly) you need to apply introspection and honestly assess whether your time and energy is better spent elsewhere.

Just because you can make a poor simulacrum of a laptop from a pizza box, doesn't mean you should do it.

Just because you can build your own website, or design your own ads, or create your own marketing strategy, doesn't mean it's the best option either.

The secret is finding the "sweet spot" where you can do the bits that make sense and work well for your unique combination of talents, knowledge and capacity (both time & financial).

For example, it might make sense to have a pro set up your Google Ads account so it is structured correctly, but then you can work on the ongoing optimisation of search terms and ad copy with a bit of guidance.

When it comes to your website, it might work better if you add new content/products to a site that someone else built.

The challenge - of course - is finding where that sweet spot lies!

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