What Does SERP Mean?

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If you’ve been working on promoting your business online via digital marketing, then you might have come across the term SERP.

In this edition of Digital Marketing FAQs (where I answer your questions about digital marketing), we are going to answer the following question:

“What does SERP mean?”

The most common circumstance in which you might encounter the term “SERP” is if you are working with a digital marketing agency or freelance SEO specialist.

They probably provide you with a report or some kind of information that mentions “SERP”.

But what does SERP actually mean?

SERP stands for ‘Search Engine Ranking Position(s)’.

It’s a way of saying where your site ranks in Google for a particular keyword or set of keywords.

For example, if you run a mobile dog grooming business, then you might want to know where you rank in Google for the keyword “mobile dog grooming”.

Where you rank in Google for this keyword would be your “SERP” (Search Engine Ranking Position).

Conclusion - What Does SERP Mean?

SERP stands for “Search Engine Ranking Position(s)”.

It’s just another way of saying what position your site ranks in for a particular keyword in Google.