Social Media Shiny Object Syndrome

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While there can certainly be advantages to chasing business opportunities on new social media platforms that emerge, don’t do this at the detriment of your “bread and butter” platforms, e.g.:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (for certain types of businesses)
  • YouTube (I’d sort of class that as a social media platform due to some of the functionality ... although it isn’t strictly)
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest (to a lesser extent, although once again niche dependent)

These are social media platforms that have “stood the test of time” - to the extent that such a saying applies in the rapidly-changing online world.

User bases and demographics of said user bases will doubtlessly change over time. However, they are all likely to be around for the foreseeable future and all offer long-term opportunities for businesses that have the right approach and tenacity.

New contenders - such as Tik Tok - will spring up from time to time and can be very tempting. There’s nothing wrong with using these new platforms either ... but be wary that it isn’t to the detriment of your social media “bread and butter”.

Don’t up sticks and move all your activity to a new platform because it’s the trendy thing to do.

Incorporate it as part of your social media strategy, but don’t lose focus on your core channels.

Not every new channel is guaranteed to succeed or last.

Remember Vine?

How about Google Plus?

My gut feeling is that Tik Tok probably won’t last particularly long either (this will primarily be due to it being legislated against in Western countries owing to security/privacy concerns - which I am in no way qualified to comment on).

Long story short, testing out these new platforms is totally fine. But make sure it doesn’t take away from the good work you’ve done on your main social media channels.

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