Where Do Google Display Ads Appear?

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) is one of the most popular online advertising platforms in the world.

It is most famous for its keyword-driven search advertising. If you’ve ever used the Internet before (and I’m assuming you have as you have managed to make it here), then you’ve probably seen and even clicked a Google search ad.

But there is far more to Google Ads than just search advertising. There is also:

• Shopping Ads

• YouTube Ads

• Display ads

Display ads allow you to reach people as they browse on other websites.

But where do Google Display ads appear?

In this short guide I’ll show you where Google Display ads appear so you have a better understanding of how, where and when your ads may appear online.

Before understanding where Display ads appear, it’s important to have a rough understanding of how the system works.

Google’s “Display network” allows web site and app owners to make money by monetising their traffic.

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Let’s say you run a website about Bengal cats, and you want to make some money from the visitors you get to that site.

You could register for Google’s Adsense program. This allows you to place ad codes on your website, and then if people click the ads that show up, then you can make money from those clicks.

The ads themselves come from people looking to advertise on Google’s Display Network. You can tap into the Display Network through your Google Ads account, by opting to create a Display campaign.

As far as where your Google Display Ads appear, they can show in a few different places:

1. On other websites.

2. In mobile apps.

3. On partner websites like YouTube

There are multiple ways that you can target Display ads, such as by demographic, interest, remarketing etc - so exactly where and to whom your ads will display depends on exactly how your are targeting.

Using the Google Display Network opens up a whole new world of digital advertising opportunities, but also comes with its own unique set of challenges. For example, you need to think about the quality and caliber of the “placements” where your ads appear - are your ads potentially showing on sites that might be detrimental to your brand image?

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