What Is A Facebook Pixel?

If you’re starting out promoting your business online, then you might have come across something called a ‘Facebook Pixel’.

But what is a Facebook pixel?

Basically, it’s a piece of tracking code that you install on your website.

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What the Facebook pixel allows you to is:

1. Tie website visitors back to Facebook so that you can target them via ‘remarketing’. Have you ever gone on to a website and then started seeing ads from that company as you browse Facebook? If so, then chances are you were hit by their Facebook pixel and added to one of their remarketing lists.

2. Build lookalike audiences from your pixel-based lists. This is one of the most powerful features on Facebook advertising. Facebook can find you people who are most like your current site visitors, customers etc, allowing for more effective expansion of your marketing efforts.

3. Track conversions on your website back to Facebook. For example, you might fire a conversion when someone hits the success page of your webinar registration funnel. This allows you to track performance of your Facebook ads more effectively, and also can assist Facebook in actually optimising the delivery of your ads for more conversions.

You can find your Facebook pixel within your Facebook ads account.

Hopefully you now know what a Facebook pixel is.

If you want to check if your website has a Facebook pixel installed already (or you want to check on any other site for that matter) then you can do so by following the instructions in this video: