Why Adwords Brand Ads Matter

· Adwords-PPC

A couple of weeks ago I made a post about why you should consider running Adwords ads for your own brand name.

You should also look at brand keyword variations, such as "your product + review".

This image explains perfectly why.

I was looking up a review of a product I use on a regular basis.

But I couldn't resist on clicking such an enticing, eye-catching competitor ad (this ad is actually in violation of Adwords TOS as far as I'm aware, as it's using a competitor's brand name within the ad copy)

Now I've found a product that looks even better than the one I use now, and for a lower price with even more features.

Had Proposify secured their brand name with key terms (such as 'Proposify Review') they would have been able to push this upstart competitor down the page.

Unfortunately, Proposify have probably now lost me as a customer as their competition seems to do everything they do, better, and for a lower price.

But I never would have heard of them had I not seen that ad.

broken image

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