5 Ways To Save $ On Google Ads

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Does your business use Google Ads for online promotion?

If so, then you’re probably throwing good money down the drain, each and every day.

If that doesn’t scare the inner bean counter inside of you, then I don’t know what will!

The good news?

You can stem the flow quickly, and save that wasted cash.

Here are five effective strategies you can use to save money on Google Ads, starting right now.

If you’ve got a limited budget, this will free up more ad spend to go towards the campaign(s) that are performing.

Even if you’ve got heaps of budget to spare, why spend more money that you need to?

Here are five steps to saving $, right now.

I’ve added video embeds and links to other articles of mine if you require additional information:

  1. Ensure you are reviewing your search terms on a regular basis, and adding negative keywords as appropriate. By reviewing your search terms you’ll get to see exactly which searches are triggering your ads to display, and then you can act accordingly. 
  2. Make sure that you aren’t running display features on your search ads campaigns (this is turned on by default). Display and search advertising are two totally different ways of advertising, and they shouldn’t be combined together without good reason. 
  3. Ensure you are correctly targeting your desired location, using location exclusions as necessary. It’s not uncommon for me to see ads showing for businesses in the complete wrong cities, regions, and even countries. Make sure your location targeting is set to “People in or regularly in your targeted locations”
  4. Split out branded search traffic into its own campaign so you can accurately assess the delta in performance between brand and non-brand traffic. I once managed an account where branded traffic (either brand only or brand + product searches) accounted for 90% of the conversions in the account, but 15% of the total ad spend. If this is all jumbled into one campaign, it is much harder to get good visibility. 
  5. Review the performance of mobile versus desktop traffic and adjust bids accordingly. You might find that mobile gets more traffic, but desktop traffic performs better in terms of conversions.

There are many other ways to optimise your Google Ads activity and save more money, but these are some of the best ways to get started.

Need help implementing all of this? Message me now for a no-obligation initial review of your Google Ads, and I will check that you are doing all of these actions correctly.

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