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A Bigger Audience Isn't Necessarily Better

When talking to clients and other business owners, one thing I hear frequently is a strong desire for “more”.

This makes sense, right?

As business owners we want more leads, more sales, more revenue etc. This mentality also extends to things like social media audiences and email lists with statements like:

“I want more Facebook fans”.

All things being equal, a larger social media audience or email list or flow of website traffic is better.

However, it’s critical to look at the quality and commercial value of that audience. It’s been my experience that many businesses experience what I call “audience inflation” - the number of likes or email subscribers or website visitors goes up, but the value (leads/sales) doesn’t go up in step.

For example, a business will have a poorly converting site and/or sales funnel, but will then ramp up top-of-funnel activity. The overall impact is usually “more”, but the efficiency of doing this is often low.

Therefore, don’t discount the importance of trying to improve the performance you get from your current audience.

Are you squeezing as much juice from your marketing lemons as you can?

Once you’ve assured yourself of this, then you can look to add more lemons to the mix.

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