Ferrari vs Toyota Corolla Marketing - Which Is Right For Your Business?

One of my greatest interests in life is cars.

Since I first played Gran Turismo on the Playstation about 20 years ago, I’ve been crazy about cars (electric ones included, before anyone asks).

I like cars of all types, especially the “flash” ones.

Therefore, it was a bucket-list dream come true when I got the chance a few years ago to blast around a racetrack in a Ferrari.

The Ferrari was incredible to drive. But I quickly realised how much using a Ferrari for my “daily driving” would be complete overkill (sorry to anyone reading who does daily drive a Ferrari).

Yes, Ferraris are fast. But when you’re stuck in traffic they are no faster than a Toyota Corolla.

It was hard to get into, hard to see out of, and a little intimidating if I’m honest.

Because this is social media and I therefore have to make some tenuous and obscure link between something that’s happened to me in the past, and something that might actually be relevant to you now (otherwise nobody will see this - thanks, algorithm) now allow me to get to the point.

I frequently see businesses looking for “Ferrari” solutions to “Toyota Corolla” marketing problems.

A classic example is marketing automation software.

There exists quite a substantial spectrum of marketing automation software - from simple and very affordable tools through to expensive, fully-featured enterprise options.

Most of these products are all good (to varying degrees) at doing what they claim to do on the box.

But what really matters is picking the right one for your situation.

If your business has simple marketing needs, then you are better off with a Corolla option ... a straightforward daily driver that does what it needs to do with minimal fuss, complexity or ongoing cost.

However, perhaps your business does need a performance option. If so, then that’s great - but I implore you not to fall into the trap of biting off more than you can chew (or buying more car than you need).

I’ve seen businesses waste thousands of dollars a year on software and tools that are complete overkill for their “daily driver” needs.

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