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Are You Guilty Of Tom & Jerry Marketing?

When I was a kid, I used to love watching classic Tom & Jerry cartoons (in fact, I still quite enjoy them now).

One of my favourite parts where when Tom would try and catch Jerry with the occasional Rube Goldberg-esque trap.

As any other Tom & Jerry fans will now, these overly-complicated traps never tended to work.

So what have Tom’s complicated mouse-baiting attempts got to have with marketing?

To be honest, not a lot.

But because everything these days has to involve some tenuous link between a personal story and business advice, I had to make something up.

We can’t just have people giving advice with no story now, can we?

I come across plenty of businesses building increasingly complicated and convoluted marketing “funnels” and strategies. Dozens of channels, campaigns, touch points etc that are sometimes indecipherable on paper (so imagine putting them into practice)/

If you have the expertise and diligence to pull off complicated, then that’s great, but it is my experience that complication tends to yield worse results than simplicity.

If you’re finding marketing challenging, then look at whether you’ve made it more complicated than it needs to be for the current stage of your business.

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