Identifying The Nucleus Of Success

I’ve recently done some work with a few different businesses who all had the same problem.

All had tried Google Ads, but found it wasn’t right for their business (and you know what, there are definitely some businesses for whom Google Ads/PPC advertising isn’t right).

However, a deeper analysis of the numbers for all of these businesses let to a series of similar conclusions:

Google Ads worked, but in a limited capacity. There was a core “nucleus of success” that unfortunately got chucked out like the proverbial baby with the bath water.

In one of the accounts it was a single campaign within a dozen ... in another it was literally a handful of keywords (out of hundreds) that were generating conversions at a very competitive cost - but the common theme is an element of success and marketing opportunity that became lost in the noise of keywords/ad groups/campaigns that weren’t working.

The moral of the story here is to take the time to drill into the numbers to see what is worth keeping and tweaking, and what needs removal from your marketing mix.

Scratch away the surface and you may reveal a goldmine of opportunity.

Of course this doesn’t just apply to Google Ads - the same could be said for any marketing endeavour.

Are you risking turning something off that has the potential to be lucrative for your business, just because you haven’t done a sufficiently deep analysis?

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